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Virtual session:
My capabilities and superpowers allow me to conduct any practice virtually, since there is no time and space for energies and I freely interact with them from anywhere in the world, while the effect and quality of work remains at the highest level.
In call
Out call
Virtual session:
My capabilities and superpowers allow me to conduct any practice virtually, since there is no time and space for energies and I freely interact with them from anywhere in the world, while the effect and quality of work remains at the highest level.
Sacred "Tantra of the Trinity"
Why “Tantra of the Trinity”?

Because it is only in this union that the Alchemical wedding takes place.
This is the Love of two Souls, without defining a gender model or external conditional signs.
When this magical energy mixture is combined with the sublime strong emotions and feelings that I create in your body through the highly charged electricity of photons, it is a more developed form of love, not chemical, it is the electrical universal love of Mother-Father.

Then it reaches the eighth energy center and the magnet of attraction is connected from the outside, then there is an exit from the material body into a single energy, from personality to impersonality, from captivity to liberation.

That is, what we jointly create inside our bodies, the same energies are attracted from the outside world at the same electrically charged frequency, which creates coherence.

My role, in this case:
I am for you a conductor and generator of two powerful primordial energies, and I raise the sleeping creative-sexual energy of kundalini up the energy centers to connect with the spiritual centers, the Spirit of the Father and exit to Eden, Samadhi or the Quantum field.
Now you see the "Trinity" relationship
Souls, Mother Spirit and Father Spirit

Kundalini energy plays an important key role in the realization of your intention, because the nature of a man has limited his abilities, and the frequent release of the semen, which is a "little death" in this case, the energy flows down and does not allow his resources to reach the connection with the higher Consciousness-Creator and receive more high divine orgasm, dissolve in ecstasy and achieve Samadhi, exit into the quantum field or Eden, where your intention is embodied in reality.

The tactical practice is accompanied by your intention, since during the interaction of energies, a huge amount of hormones are produced, and all this is combined with the created electricity in the body and outside the body.

God created a woman to help a man and that is why a woman is a very expensive and valuable creation of God, because only a woman can lead a man to the upper world through her Love, strength, creative-sexual energy and rich imagination, and a man who knows the value of such a woman , will flourish in abundance and happiness all your life!

God created a Woman to bear children, because only a woman has a high level of creativity, love thanks to the Kundalini energy, which rises up constantly maintaining a connection with God. Only a woman can create a great God through her creativity, otherwise, if a man gave birth to children, it would look like robots.
Only a woman feels that subtle divine world with all her deity and can lead into it.

Sacred tantric relationships are sacred relationships and must be accompanied by intentions, otherwise the energy burns out without being realized.
I am not a healer, I am a guide and I have a Blessing for the transmission and awakening of the spiritual Divine power. I'm not handing out magic pills! During the session We work as a single team: 
  1. You work with the control of your consciousness and help me 
  2. I work with space and give direction to energies.  
  3. Resource Divine awakened power works with your intention for your positive result.

The benefits of this practice for humans:

1. Liberation of the Mind-Soul and the expansion of the energy body
2. Connection with the One Whole
3. From matter to energy
4. From personality to impersonality
5. From Time and space to outside of time and space
6. Calms the mind, harmonizes the nervous system and all body systems, relieves stress, helps to fall asleep.
7. Building new neural connections and removing negative programs
8. Purification of the Astral, mental, Causal field, aura, biofield from low-frequency energies and permissive programs
9. Energy processes that focus on your intention and enhance its effect before implementation.
10. Healing of the body, organs, soul.
11. A feeling of deep euphoria, pleasure, love, satisfaction, unity with the Creator and all that exists.
12. Great mood
13. Gaining confidence and an open heart towards the world and people.
14. Filling with high-frequency energies, replenishment of the Energy resource state, purification from low-frequency energies.

Be prepared for the fact that your life will never be the same, happy change and return home await you. I open for you door in the Kingdom of Eden.
Heavenly Abode for Man

Love God, love yourself as God
Love your woman as a Goddess through the achievement and discovery of LOVE and her Transfiguration

Through the Divine Meditation “5D Philosophy by Lilas” I will immerse you in high-frequency streams of energies of love and the highest orgasms of sacred energies

In this meditation, I work with the highest Divine energies and Kundalini energies.

Special exercises, massages, aphrodisiacs, breathing and meditation practices allow you to renew the energy potential, as well as to turn the Kundalini energy to achieve spiritual heights and personal development through its natural activation. I train and teach my beloved men how to restrain ejaculation and manage it in the safest way for your body, so that in the future you can experience an orgasm without ejaculating semen, which preserves your youth, longevity, energy and prolongs the act of love, and most importantly, learn channel this powerful energy into the spiritual center to achieve your goals. Thanks to such techniques and practices, men will be able to plunge not only into the pleasure of their woman, but also into their own body and sensation, feel the inner orgasm of their Yin and Yang energies.

For a man, this meditation helps to get true divine pleasure, deep relaxation, harmonization of everyone at all levels. This practice makes you feel like God, a little child and a beloved man.

What is the positive effect of 5D philosophy by Lilas meditation on the body?

The pituitary gland of the brain secretes endorphin, which gives a signal to serotonin, dopamine, connects the adrenal glands to produce testosterone, which creates a vitamin bomb in the body and increases vibrations, which leads to natural healing of the whole body, harmonization and a feeling of inner comfort, confidence. It gives strength, energy, joy, the brain works calmly and the right decisions are made, the set goals are achieved, an adequate response to changing circumstances comes success in personal life, the heart opens.

Filling with healing energy in all centers through the energy of Jing, Qi to Shen, where
Jing - Physical energy
Qi - Breath and Vitality
Shen - Spiritual and mental energies

What this meditation includes:
1. Japanese tea ceremony from natural medicinal herbs
2. Washing the body and cleansing the energy field using a natural homemade scrub from special ingredients
3. Gymnastics breathing and gymnastics for the pelvic organs Taoist and tantric techniques
In it, I teach men how to control and manage ejaculation and separate semen from achenes of fluid, strengthen muscles, relax the head and connect to the heart.
1. Cleansing the body from negative energies and programs
2. General body massage to improve blood circulation
3. Yoga-body-dance massage, which activates the erogenous zones of the whole body for the accumulation of new energy in the Kundalini chakras, its further distribution to the higher spiritual centers. In this massage, I work with my whole body, focusing on the erogenous zones of your body, this is a unique technique that will delight you and your senses.
4. Aromatherapy and work with intention
5. Sound massage + healing crystals

At the end of the ceremony, when the client receives the maximum charge of divine sexual energy, his brain begins to produce special hormones that act on thoughts in the most magical way and can fulfill Vali desires in the shortest possible time, therefore, for you, dear men, I have prepared Art therapy, which has a mandala effect.

I am waiting for you for an amazing meeting and immersion in the new matrix "5D philosophy by Lilas"

Duration of the ceremony 3-3.5 hours
Cost 900 $
Heavenly Abode for Women

“Love God, love yourself as a Goddess, love your man as God
Through the achievements of Divine love and its Transfiguration”

For women “5D philosophy By Lilas” This is a complex of techniques and practices for teaching women and the static culture of sacral relationships, revealing their goddess to emancipation and acceptance of herself, her naturalness and natural beauty

How 5D Philosophy by Lilas Benefits Women
1. Plastic body cardio yoga balance
2. Activation of the erogenous zones of the whole body
3. Disclosure of femininity and emancipation
4. Sensuality tactility
5. Higher spiritual connection with a partner
6. Correct energy metabolism
7. Going to higher Vibrational levels
8. Activation of your own pheromones natural production of estrogen
9. Activation of hormones of the pituitary gland of the adrenal glands of the ovaries, their harmonization
10. Activation of the nerve endings of the yoni, which allows you to experience an orgasm sharper and brighter
11. Raising prolapse of the uterus narrowing the walls of the vagina
12. Accumulation of sexual energy in all energy centers, raising the Kundalini energy while engaging in these practices, a woman studies high vibrations, brightness of light that will not leave her unnoticed
13. Learning the use of aphrodisiacs and their magical abilities
14. Gymnastics for the pelvic organs

The pituitary gland of the brain secretes endorphin, gives a signal to serotonin, dopamine, connects the ovaries and adrenal glands, testosterone and estrogen are produced, which creates a vitamin bomb in the body, this leads to the healing of the whole body, harmonization and a feeling of inner comfort, confidence gives strength energy joy the brain works more calmly accepted the faithful decisions are achieved, the set goals are achieved and an adequate response to changing circumstances comes success in personal life.

This practice allows women to create an invisible subtle energetic connection with their partner, strengthen the overall energy by raising it to a high vibration frequency and create harmony in the relationship. A woman with the skills of these techniques will always be a true pleasure and treasure for her man. You yourself are able to create a Divine connection with your loved one and create a strong, long-lasting relationship.

Duration of the ceremony 3-3.5 hours
Cost 800 $
Kundalini-Tantra training for Couple
I know that many thousands of years ago humanity left the high-vibrational existence and descended into the low densities of the 3D matrix and since then we have been trying to return to the Garden of Eden this return is not as far away as some might think and I will show you this way.

Men and women adhering to the "5D philosophy by Lilas" are completely equal partners, and they both are obliged to strive to achieve the highest harmony and spiritual immortality just like heaven and earth, as Yin and Yang are obliged to strive to achieve balance, and therefore completeness and harmony of being, So a man and a woman should balance each other and create higher harmony by combining their spiritual energies, this balancing in their relationship will lead to a new alchemy, which some call a sacred marriage, this harmony of forces has never been in our collective memory. First of all, this is an internal marriage of one's own energies, in which the male and female energy of God and Goddess (Shiva and Shahti, Yin and Yang, learns to cooperate, love and accept each other, which is one of the aspects of "5D philosophy by Lilas"

For those who do not feel a connection with God, then I can confidently say that through sexual energy and its correct application, you can achieve direct contact with higher forces and I am here to teach you and help you on this path.

Love is the antidote
Love drives out fear
Love is an Art
Love is God
Love is Tantra
Love is an Alchemy of True unique abilities

In my author's program "5D philosophy" unique techniques are collected to increase your vibration frequency, to activate the erogenous zones of the whole body, create a dance of your energies of man and woman and harmonize them, raise the kundalili and energies to connect with the divine true orgasm, heal the body and rejuvenate

And what are High vibrations? LOVE, JOY, GRATITUDE, COMPASSION, ADDITION - in a word, everything that makes us intimate with the Divine Superconsciousness. But LOVE of them is the highest vibration.
Kundalini energy is incredibly powerful and it can take you to incredible heights or influence in many nightmarish ways. Porn and sex addiction are signs of connecting low-frequency beings to energy fields, which in turn consume a person's resource state. My task is to stop such an intrusion, being under their influence, before learning how to remove all obstacles and their penetration. Beings with a lower vibration frequency invade the nervous system, etheric body and chakra system to drain sexual energy. The first step in this matter is to realize that you are being "consumed"

I will help you find ways to clear the hooks or bindings or psychic contracts in your energy fields that prolong this situation. Soul healing is one of the methods that can help with this. When the body is cleansed of low-frequency entities, the body's vibrations begin to rise, that is, there is excitement in the lower chakras and the opening or movement of the kundalini energies up the spine, thereby the Kundalini energy begins to activate the higher spiritual centers to connect with the Divine principle and achieve spiritual immortality through enlightenment.

Benefits of high vibration frequency in the body:
- the development of immunity, the production of pheromones, hormones testosterone / estrogen
- Excellent mood, confidence, physical activity, ability
- Increased brain activity and concentration of attention,
- High frequency burns out low-frequency entities in the body
- Connection with Divine energies and the highest prayer

“5D PHILOSOPHY by Lilas” and the Ego is aimed at working with the subconscious and getting rid of selfish programs and beliefs. Dissolving the egoism of consciousness, sexuality acquires a more trusting level through love.

Love is an alchemical ingredient that lulls or dissolves the “negative” ego.

We all have an Ego that helps us deal with 3D matrix and low frequencies. They are also energies and behaviors that we dislike or dislike identifying with them, and therefore they are denied and keep our consciousness at bay. These are traits that we find unattractive, unsafe, or excessive. We can renounce natural energies, such as anger or sexuality, or other important energies, such as our creativity or joy. When this happens, we begin to experience their reflection in our reality. Observing these reflections results in intense repulsion or attraction.

In a world that values ​​doing above being, money above the environment and human communities, the personal ego becomes dominant. Collectively, it seems as though we were led into this world by beings who are at best disconnected from their heart and soul, and at worst completely insane. On a personal level, the ego is a defense mechanism that helps us cope with the world. Personal Ego comes in different forms, and some of them can be very sanctimonious, reserved, shy, critical, or, conversely, too open, cocky, rebellious or erratic. When the ego takes over, it feels like we are not in control of our sex drive. We may fear our natural urges and seek to suppress our sexual energy. On the other hand, we can be hedonistic and waste it unconsciously. This is a big problem all over the planet. Someone living their life through the prism of a traumatized ego may feel that satisfying their sexual needs at the expense of another is normal. There are many different kinds of ego play and behavior that can create deep disconnection both within and with others. If the ego is responsible for the suppression or unbridled expression of sexual energy, then this is usually followed by suffering in one form or another. Any spiritual journey worth eating your pound of salt will help you transform your Ego from a terrible fortress into a strong Temple of Light, capable of holding and manifesting more of your true essence. In this way, Gnosis will help as a tree of knowledge of the existence of the feminine and masculine principles, tantra and Taoist practices

Revealing and enjoying each other's energy is an equally valuable and rewarding path. Tantra is a generic term for many paths that seek to unite the heart, mind, interaction, and soul. In such traditions, Kundalini energy is revered as a powerful force for awakening. When we learn to give proper attention to this energy, we can bring it up through the entire chakra system by making love and practicing.

What will happen at the training?
- Paired practices.
- I invite you to an interesting adventure that will change your ideas about yourself, relationships and love!
- Exercises to develop confidence, relaxation, increase awareness and sensitivity. How to learn to be in the sensations of the body, and not in your thoughts? How to learn total presence in your body, presence with a partner?
- Conversation. Straight talk "from heart to heart." How to talk about difficult topics with a loved one?
- Massage. Delicious massage workshops. How to gently and pleasantly relax each other, give rest and awaken vitality after a long day?
- Touch. Deep touch practice. How to touch each other so that you want to over and over again?
- Taoist practices. Taoist practices of working with kundalini energy: a new quality of pleasure, experiences of love for a partner and a deep quality of life.
- Erogenous zones. Erogenous body practices. How many erogenous zones you have, you know? How about living your entire body as erogenous?
- Romance in a relationship. How to bring back the subtlety and magic of understatement, a sense of the beyond and romance in a relationship?
- Love. Love as a state: the balance "love for oneself - love for a partner". Our expectations, needs, desires and dreams in a love relationship.
- Secrets for men. How to make love as much as you want, without losing, but accumulating male potential, bathing with a woman in waves of tenderness and desire?
- Orgasmicity. Separation of orgasm and orgasm. The basics of tantric sex, which reveals all the best in you and your partner, raising to another level of living love and being.
- Disclosure of meanings. Healing emotions and discovering the deeper meanings of your life. Visualization of self-contemplation, silence meditation, yoga with a partner.
- Force of gravity. Practices for enhancing masculinity and revealing femininity to increase attraction between polarities.
- Forgiveness. Understanding the lessons of love relationships. Letting go of the past. Adopting a new one.
- Yoga and breathing. Yoga with a partner. Managing your emotional state through breathing.
Mysticism of tantric practices. Respect, healing, worship each other in love. Levels of intimacy: body - mind - heart - soul.
Course for men "jade dragon"
In this course I teach and train men with specific characteristics and a delicate approach to the erectile system of the body. It is a drug-free, natural and safe system that harmonizes male strength.
1. Premature ejaculation.
2. Erectile dysfunction (impotence)

The course is a combination of energy therapy, Taoist and Tantric practices

1. Diagnostics. Identifying the cause (pain trauma that led to this situation)
2. Drawing up a diet-cleansing the body (physical, energy, subtle bodies)
3. Working with the mental level of consciousness and removing blocks and programs, destroying the old neural connection, which contributed to the problem, establishing a new neural connection and balancing the hormonal system of the body)
4. Complex of Respiratory Gymnastics
5. Complex of gymnastics for the pelvic organs
6. Massage
7. Prevention

Session 2 hours - 300 $
Aroma-psychology and aroma-design

Aromatherapy is one of the oldest methods of influencing consciousness, an ancient way of interacting with the world. In almost all ancient cultures, such as Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, India, essential oils and plant extracts were widely used to influence the human psyche to achieve and simulate certain emotional states. Accompanied by high vibration music, deep breathing.

The most ancient sense organ is the olfactory analyzer, which has the shortest path to the central nervous system and the fastest response rate. Humans have approximately 10 million olfactory receptors.
Due to the fact that the limbic system, which is responsible for emotions, is located next to the olfactory part of the brain, the perception of aromas causes certain emotionally colored sensations and associations. Most scents are emotionally colored, evoke certain memories and images.

Essential oils have the ability to influence the formation of endorphins - "hormones of happiness" that cause euphoria and, in addition, have an analgesic effect. Essential oils, being a complex complex of biologically active substances, contain components of human sex hormones, both male and female. Thus, the components of sex hormones contained in essential oils affect the hypothalamus, stimulate the production of endorphins and sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone in women, testosterone in men). Under the influence of all these substances, biochemistry changes and, accordingly, the style of behavior changes, which makes a person more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Our olfactory system is directly related to sexuality. We share the same brain regions for smell and sex drive. Since ancient times, scents have been used to seduce.

Aromatherapy programs:
-Anti-stress, helps to cope with stress, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, to help adapt, for example, at a new job, in a new team, Helps with insomnia
-Strengthening immunity
- Raising money, improving business
-Attracting customers
-Mental activity, increasing motivation, performance, increasing the capabilities of the mind and increasing the speed of thinking
-Increasing confidence, decisiveness, emancipation
-Improving digestion, losing weight, improving appetite
- Relaxation of muscles and spasms
-Protective properties
-Increase libido, sexuality
-Activation of erogenous sensitivity
-Increase in sexual desire and vigor, a sense of self-attractiveness, increase libido
-Increased male strength
-Awakening enthusiasm and improving emotional perception
-Rejuvenating and restorative effect for women and men

Aromatherapy and work with your intention. Each scent carries a special magic and helps in different intentions, this works through the subconscious and the memory of the brain to memorize a particular scent as a musical high-frequency wave. Thanks to aromatherapy, you can attract money into your life, put protection, calm your body system, improve mental abilities,

My dear men and women, through my aroma ceremony, I want to teach you how to use aphrodisiac scents for your sexual health, attracting your soul mate and stirring up passion, sexual mood and unbridled sexual fantasies, emphasize your masculinity / femininity and attractiveness. With the right aphrodisiac for men, women will fall into the maelstrom of your scent like a trap.
My collection of high quality natural oils has a wide range of actions and helps you depending on your intention.

150 $ 1.5 hours
Sound massage high vibrations + crystal therapy
Sound is energy
Sound is color
Sound is form
Sound transforms shape
Sound can heal

In my meditation, I only use high frequency music.

Each of us vibrates at our own unique frequency, and for a positive impact, these frequencies must be raised and amplified with the help of high-frequency therapeutic music. In my meditation, I also use Tibetan singing bowls as an aid for relaxation, meditation, concentration and transformation.

The vibrations of the singing bowls can affect the deepest levels of the soul. Your sensations begin to shift into unpredictable directions, forming channels for future events. The timbre of the bowl and the rhythm of sounds can also cause unexpected inner transformations. On a physical level, the vibrations of the singing bowls resonate with your deepest inner vibrations and penetrate your bones, body fluids, and cells. The more rarefied bodies of your aura - the etheric, astral, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies - also receive these vibrations and influence each other. You can feel these vibrations flowing through you and benefitting you.

The vibrations of the singing bowls definitely have a beneficial effect for a person, strengthen his sense of general well-being. They can:
• stimulate vital energy;
• promote rest and relaxation;
• fight insomnia;
• improve the ability to concentrate;
• normalize blood pressure;
• restore balance in the immune system;
• synchronize the work of the left and right hemispheres of the brain;
• increase creativity;
• improve hearing;
• harmonize the breathing process;
• help to be liberated.

In general, all these effects contribute to an increase in the feeling of satisfaction with life, general vitality, allowing you to cope with the ailments arising from an imbalance. Singing bowls help you get rid of all kinds of psychosomatic disorders and illnesses such as headaches, migraines, high blood pressure, asthma, bedwetting, stuttering, back pain, and so on.

The main idea of ​​crystal therapy is to stimulate the internal forces and vital energy of the body, starting the process of self-healing. It allows the body to return to the primary electromagnetic environment. Therefore, in fact, the goal of such treatment is to restore the balance between nature and man, harmonize, heal the soul and body in a natural way.

Session duration 1 hour,
$ 100 (I recommend combining with other techniques)
Bali massage
I lived part of my life in Asia and Fairy Bali became my home for my soul. There I studied the culture and subtleties of Balinese massage. For those who have never been to this magnificent place, I will help you to plunge through bodily sensations into this little paradise.

I attach great importance to the flow of energy in the human body and its awakening - thanks to a series of physical and energy practices in one session, I will relieve you of stressful conditions, nervous disorders, relieve muscle tension throughout the body. I start Balinese massage traditionally with the limbs, moving towards the body, and then returning back - this is how the Qi energy flows in our body. Soft movements alternate with deep ones. A Balinese massage session is a sweet bliss and stress relief. As you know, Balinese massage helps in the treatment of sports injuries, migraines, insomnia and even affects diseases such as depression, allergies, asthma, osteochondrosis, sciatica or gastritis.

2 hours 200$
Lymph drainage massage
Activates the outflow of lymph.

Improves complexion, skin condition and overall well-being.

Promotes the breakdown of fatty deposits and getting rid of excess weight

2 hours 200$
Spanish chiromassage
The basis of the Spanish version of massage is the variety of techniques used, which should not be repeated throughout the entire procedure. This type of action is absolutely painless, it increases muscle tone, increases blood flow, and also improves metabolic processes in the body

2 hours 200$